Our Story

Family is the cornerstone of our foundation; with the Clarke family's association to the footwear industry beginning in 1972.

Sky Soles originated from a recognised need amongst aircrew for specialised aviation footwear.

The Sky Soles team work closely with colleagues of the aviation industry gauging feedback, ideas and the needs of airline crew worldwide.

With a premium feel and first-class service incorporating our 50 years of footwear experience, we use only the finest materials available with a paramount focus on quality and innovation.

Australian Designed

Located in Melbourne, Australia; Sky Soles is part of the Ron Clarke and Sons group - an Australian owned footwear business based in Collingwood for the last 50 years.

Our offices on Wellington Street are in the centre of Melbourne's traditional textile manufacturing area that commenced deindustrialisation in the late 1970's. Since then the Collingwood area has become a melting pot of creative design businesses across many industries.