The Ultimate Shine

As a natural material leather is the perfect compound to craft shoes from. But how do you get that Ultimate Shine?
The Ultimate Shine


Through the conduction of heat leather naturally stretches and moulds to your feet. Generally as the day progresses your feet can swell, which can also be exacerbated by cabin altitude.

Sky Soles uses only the highest-grade sheep leathers, the best leather available for maximum comfort and quality. Like human skin leather is comprised of millions of tiny pores. Treated well these pores remain clean, shiny and most importantly hydrated.

So how do we ensure you always get the ultimate shine? Sky Soles recommend a three-step process.


Using a clean cotton cloth or brush remove all impurities on the surface of the leather. If required, a damp cloth can help remove the stubborn impurities.



Working in a reduced oxygen environment also affects the hydration in your leather shoes. Dehydrated leather can lead to softening of the material and a breakdown of its structure, which can limit the shoes lifespan. It’s vital to keep your shoes polished with Sky Soles Polishing Wax or a suitable alternative once a month.

  • Using a clean cotton cloth thoroughly apply polishing wax in a circular motion to the entire surface of each shoe.
  • Allow for the wax to settle into the leathers pores for approximately five minutes.
  • Using a clean cloth and in a circular motion polish the leather of your Sky Soles.
  • Residual polish will be removed and this will allow the top coat of wax to be worked into the leather and sealed on the exterior.
  • Turn cloth over to another clean side and buff the toe as required to achieve a high shine.
  • Let your shoes breathe and dry naturally overnight in a cool dry area.


Always store your shoes in your Sky Soles microfibre bag when not in use. This protects your shoes from dirt and dust as well as damage to the leathers surface. Allow the shoes to dry in a cool dry area. In general; significant temperature changes and moisture break down the fibres of the leather.