Customer service

Here at Sky Soles we believe in a hollistic approach to customer service including all stakeholders from end users to design team. As part of this service we include an SOP (Standard operating procedure) Care Guide with the product to enhance the customer experience as well as a microfibre shoe bag.

There is nothing better than talking to master fitters, or to the designers directly if the shoe isn’t agreeing with your foot. The team from Sky Soles are always available via our direct email to provide a personalised customer support experience on the intricacies of manufacturing and fitting. Most issues arise during the wearing in process, and the team at Sky Soles have countless “home- based” remedies that can help the leather get to know a crew member better. Sky Soles constantly compiles our interactions with crew. This allows us to improve future designs as well as create a dedicated service guide which a uniform department can distribute to crew for advanced product support.