Ron Clarke and Sons currently works with factories throughout France, Germany, Italy, Albania, Romania, Turkey and China. When developing the Sky Soles range, we reviewed the craftsmanship and suitability of each factory. Our factories in Dongguan, China were best suited to this collection of footwear for a number of reasons. The Sky Soles factories are exclusive to Ron Clarke and Sons and are experts in the making of comfort women's and men's shoes. This exclusivity allows us to manage the output from the factories, allowing for a quicker stock turnaround time for Sky Soles product. As the factories are dedicated to Sky Soles they have significant experience with our designs of aviation specialised footwear. This improves the quality and increases consistency in quality also. Dongguan, China has some of the world's best access to new innovative componentry and materials, which Sky Soles factories keep fully stocked for faster production timelines.

Quality control

Sky Soles representatives are on average present in our factories five business days a month. Outside our physical presence, we conduct regular meetings with our factory managers directing the entire production process. This allows Sky Soles to complete our own Quality Control (QC) at every stage of production. The Sky Soles team individually source our leathers and componentry from suppliers. Our hands-on approach in production ensures the highest quality standards, which ultimately results in the best final product. Most importantly, our 49 years in the footwear industry results in the interception of quality issues before they normally arise.