Graphic Designer

What is your background in Footwear?

There’s no disputing that footwear runs in my blood. My grandfather became an apprentice shoe repairer at age 14. Five years later he opened his own repair store which over the years expanded and adapted to the shifting consumer trend from repairs to sales. Rauert’s Shoex still runs today, now managed by my father. The store is located in Warrnambool, Victoria, at the end of Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Be sure to drop by the store if you’re ever in the area.

Why is quality branding and design important to business, and how is this reflected through Sky Soles?

Good design is essential for quality products. That’s a broad statement, but you can see it’s true from the construction of a shoe through to the packaging in which the product arrives at the customer’s door. All design work undertaken at Sky Soles is done to the highest standard to deliver industry leading footwear products and customer experiences.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen out an aircraft window?

I’ve always loved looking out the window at the aircraft’s wings when landing, watching the control surfaces move about at the pilot’s command. The ability of flight surely is an engineering marvel.