Office Manager

What is your background in Footwear?

I have been involved in the footwear industry for 10 years now. I currently work across all aspects of footwear wholesaling, from customer service to shipping to product development. I travel overseas regularly throughout the year to assist in seasonal range building, which I absolutely love. Working with Sky Soles is the first time I've dealt with the combination of wholesale and retail - should be an exciting mix!

Why is quality footwear important to you?

Quality leather footwear is important to me because I neither want, nor have time for, sore achy feet. I lead a busy active lifestyle, I need my footwear to offer both comfort and style – how lucky am I to work where I do!

Top 3 travel tips/h2>

No matter your age or gender we all need to have the following in the top pocket of our carry on:  1) Tissues 2) Chap-stick 3) Pens (Mints & Hand-sanitiser are high on the list too!)