What is your background in Footwear?

From the age of 14, I worked in footwear retail on a part-time basis after school. After graduating high school I worked full-time for the next 12 months. From my retail background I moved into footwear manufacturing in the design/development department. After gaining an understanding of the processes involved with manufacturing I joined my father Ron in the family business selling footwear around Australia and New Zealand. To this day I continue similar roles albeit with a greater business responsibility. 

Why is quality footwear important to you?

Quality footwear is important to me, because you get the perfect fit, feel and wear. Often cheaper alternatives lead to sacrifices in materials and componentry which effect the fit, feel and wear. 

Top 3 travel tips

Do not leave your travel documents in the seat pocket in front of you when transiting aircraft on international flights.

When getting out of the car, always check you have the travel documents on you whilst travelling overseas.

Always travel with someone else to check you haven’t left documents behind.