Social Media Queen

How has social media affected retailing?

The world of retail has opened up on a global level through social media. Consumers now have the choice of purchasing Footwear, shoes, makeup, home goods from anywhere in the world through a click of a button on their phones in the comfort of their home. Making a purchase has never been this easy. The pressure is on retailers to get it right the first time, as the consumers now have the power to share their experience on social media. At Sky Soles we endeavour to get it right the first time, every time. 

What is your favourite destination?

Africa is pretty hard to top. 

Share with us an interesting fact about your role/team/work area

I met Karl Stefanovic through a hashtag!! I was running the social media for a local pub and the TODAY show was broadcasting in Bendigo. I did a few posts leading up to the TODAY shows visit to Bendigo, got creative with some hashtags and the producer of TODAY picked up on it and decided to bring the whole cast along to the pub!